Lifesavers FAQ


Why do I need your services? All of my friends swim. Why can't I just guard the pool myself?

Surely you can. But as the host / hostess of your own function, having lifeguards on duty, to watch out for your guest's aquatic safety, frees you to enjoy the function you've worked so hard to plan.

Are your guards just a bunch of high school kids who can swim well?

Some are, but these are high school kids who have received their certification in deep water rescue, head and neck immobilization, who are able to effectively convey the facts of a situation to EMT- in the event of a disastrous aquatic occurrence - and who have also been trained in customer service.

Is this a referral service for lifeguards?

Absolutely not. Every lifeguard is an employee of LifeSavers LGS. Our company has taken the time and resources to ensure that each of our lifeguards has met the criteria necessary for the position in which they serve.

If lifeguards are on duty at my resort hotel, do I still have to watch my kids?

Absolutely! Although lifeguards are present to watch out for those in their aquatic care, every parent, guardian, or caregiver is ultimately responsible for the safety of the children in their care.


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